Japan, Ansei 1 Bu-gin Silver

This rectangular bar of silver is an actual coin that was issued by Japan ca 1859-1868. Later on they were replaced by round coins, but this coin circulated for 10 years. It weighs 8.63 grams and is about 150 years old. There is also a chop mark to tell the owner that this was good silver and a real coin to be used. These are in very nice condition and would make a most interesting and important addition to your collection. Supplies are very limited.
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Japan, Meiji 2 Bu-kin Gold

Here we offer Japanese Gold Meiji 2 Bu-Kin (1868-1869). Before these rectangular issues, the Japanese used cash coins, round coins with a square hole in the middle. Because so many of the cash coins were damaged, the Shogunate in Japan issued these rectangular gold coins. These Gold coins are gold mixed with some silver to bring down their face value. All the coins are in Very Fine or better condition and weigh 3 grams. After this, they did what the rest of the world did and issued round coins.

Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

A triangular-shaped commemorative World War I medal, with a soldier wearing a helmet. The medal has a Red, orange and black ribbon.

United States of America, Buffalo Nickel, 1913 - 1938. In circulated condition.

US Buffalo Nickel, 1913. In circulated condition. First struck in 1913 and now 104 years old, this popular design was part of an attempt to make the US coinage more attractive. This five Cent coin features the head of a Native Indian on one side and an American Bison on the reverse. They quickly proved popular with the American public and despite concerns about how quickly the coins became worn in circulation, continued to be minted until 1938 when they were replaced by the Jefferson Nickel. All coins have a full date. Most coins are dated in the 1930’s. Dates of our choice.