J S Fforde Portrait 10/- B311 M Replacement Unc

The 10 shilling note disappeared from our pockets in 1971. The first Bank of England Ten Shilling notes appeared in 1928 but in 1971 were eventually replaced with a 50 pence coin. These last 10 shillings were signed by J S Fforde as Chief Cashier. This last issue also included replacement notes, which, as their name implies, were used to ‘replace’ regular notes damaged in production. (B311) These all have the prefix M. Here we offer Crisp Uncirculated Last Replacement 10/- notes with Fforde’s signature and the M Prefix.
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KO Peppiatt was one of the longest serving Chief Cashiers at the Bank of England in the modern period. He served from 1934 until 1948. During that time there were 4 different varieties of the Britannia £1 note. The fourth and last variety was issued in September 1948, just 6 months before he stepped down to become an Executive Director of the bank. The Fourth Issue follows the regular Britannia £1 design except an embedded metal security thread is included (B260) Available in Crisp Good Fine-VF.

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