British Historical & Commemorative Medals

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1897 large bronze medal. Uncirculated.

1897 large bronze medal. Uncirculated. In 1897 Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years as our Queen. The Royal Mint issued a large sized bronze medallion with the Young Head portrait of the Queen on one side and the Old Head portrait of the Queen on the other side. Queen Victoria was our longest serving Monarch, beating King George III. Last year our own Queen, Elizabeth II, beat Queen Victoria’s record, long may she reign. I bought a nice group of these large sized bronze, Royal Mint medallions in their original red leather cases of issue. Today it might well cost £40-£50 just to hand make these cases. But I am including it with the Uncirculated bronze medallion and selling it at a special price. If you don’t think it is special, look around at antique fairs and see how much they are asking for similar pieces. You get the Uncirculated 1897 Official Queen Victoria bronze medallion in the Official handmade red leather case for just £110. Today this handsome piece is 120 years old and quite a beautiful medal.

1902 Large Bronze Medal Ext Fine

In 1887 the Royal Mint started to issue a series of large sized medallions for historic events such as Coronations and Jubilee’s. The medallion offered here is of Edward VII in 1902, produced in bronze. Prices at antique fairs for these medallions are, I think extremely high, but I think you will like our prices even more… Supplies are limited.

Earls Court Ferris Wheel

Earls Court Ferris Wheel, Bronze Medal, 1897. In 1895 a gigantic ferris wheel was built in Earls Court, London. To mark the event, they struck these bronze medals as souvenirs with an engraving of the wheel on one side and facts about the wheel on the other. They are 32mm diameter and were struck for each year from 1895-1907. This example is dated 1897 and is as struck with lovely toning and is now over 120 years old.

Edward VII Silver Coronation Medal, 1902. EF

Issued by the Royal Mint in 1902 to commemorate the King's Coronation. Matt Proof Sterling Silver.

Holey Dollars of PEI

A deluxe presentation of the medallions issued in the English Civil War. It is two large hard bound volumes in a slip case, with the illustrations in full colour and the two volumes running to 808 pages.

Margaret Thatcher Proof Ingot

This Red, White & Blue gold coloured ingot is the first Margaret Thatcher item that we have been able to offer our collectors. Some will love Mrs. Thatcher and some will hate her, but we are just dealers who buy and sell. It is a rather handsome ingot a proof example in a protective capsule. A stunning facing portrait on the obverse, the reverse is coloured red, white and blue. Dated 13.10.1925-8.4.2013. She was our first female Prime Minister and as such was historically very important. Love her or hate her, you will love this ingot.