Henry III, Silver Penny Fine, 1216-1272

One of the earliest and least expensive English coins you can get is a Silver Penny of King Henry III. He reigned from 1216-1272 so that makes it between 700 and 800 years ago. The Silver Penny was the only denomination issued during his rule. You have a stylized portrait of the monarch on one side and a long cross on the other side. This long cross was so that you would have guide-lines if you wanted to cut the coin in half, thus making two Halfpennies or in Quarters thus making four Farthings. The Silver in the coin was good, that many were illegally exported and melted down. The excess money was the profit, but it was illegal to export these coins. We can offer them in two grades and I think that they are excellent value considering their age and history. In Fine grade.
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