Hammered Silver Coins

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Elizabeth I, 3rd Issue, Sixpence 1568/7

Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, 3rd Issue, Sixpence 1568/7, mm Coronet (1567-70). Near Very Fine, good portrait. Obverse surface a little pitted and a small clip at 2 o'clock.

Henry VIII, 2nd Coinage, Groat, mm Arrow

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Second coinage, Groat. Bust D, mm Arrow (1526-44). Good Fine with nice portrait.

Edward I Treasure, Silver Penny (1272-1307)

In the reign of King Edward I, the largest coin struck for regular usage was the Silver Penny. It was of such high quality silver that many were exported, melted down and then lower grade counterfeits or Sterlings were issued. This was of course illegal and the penalty was death. You have a facing portrait of the King on one side and a cross on the other side. This cross made it easy to make change cut it in half and it became a Halfpenny, cut it into quarters and it becomes a Farthing. Edward was both good and bad, a very tall man he was known as Long Shanks. He established Parliament as a permanent institution, while treating the Scottish people very brutally and kicking the Jews out of England, after taking all their money and property. The Silver Pennies on offer were put together by a dealer over many years; they have been carefully selected and are now over 700 years old. They are available in Fine and Very Fine condition, which is better than they usually come. This Silver Penny was the largest coin struck for regular usage and it would purchase quite a bit at the time. A fantastic group and one that you should seriously consider.

Charles I, Halfcrown. Tower Mint, mm (P). Very Fine

Charles I (1625-49), Halfcrown. Tower Mint under Parliament, mm (P). Very Fine and well struck for the issue. Clipped at 7 o'clock.

Henry VIII, Posthumous Issue, Halfgroat. AVF

Southwark Mint Halfgroat of Henry VIII struck during the reign of Edward VI. Mintmark E. About Very Fine with good portrait.

Elizabeth I, 2nd Issue, Groat. GF / AVF

Silver Groat of Elizabeth I, 2nd Issue (1560-61), mintmark Martlet. Good Fine / About Very Fine on reverse.