Hammered Silver Coins

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Edward III, Groat, Pre-Treaty Period, Mm Cross 1

Edward III, 1327-1377, Groat, London, Pre-Treaty Period, Mm Cross 1 (1351-52). About Very Fine.

Elizabeth I, Shilling, 6th Issue, Mm Key

Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Shilling, 6th Issue, mm Key (1595-98) Good Fine/About Very Fine

Henry VIII, Groat 2nd coinage

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Second Coinage, Groat, London, mm Lis. Fine-Very Fine

Edward III, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat London

Edward III, 1327-1377, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat, London. Type E with broken letters. About Very Fine

Henry VIII, Half Groat, Canterbury

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Third Coinage, Halfgroat, Canterbury Mint, CIVITAS CANTOR. Fine to Very Fine, with reasonable portrait.

Burgred, 852-874, Silver Penny

Kings of Mercia, Burgred, 852-874. Penny. Very Fine. Slightly ragged edge