Hammered Silver Coins

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Richard the Lion Heart Penny

Anglo-Gallic, Richard I 'The Lionheart' as Duke of Aquitaine, 1172-1889. Silver Denier struck by Richard I at Poitou and bearing his name RICARDVS REX around a small cross. The reverse reads PIC/TAVIE/NSIS (The Latin for Poitou) in three lines. Fine-Very Fine for the issue. The English coins struck under Richard I as King of England (1189-1199) do not bear his name but are in the name of his father HENRICVS so these Deniers struck in his French possesion are the only coins to bear his name.

Elizabeth I, Shilling, 2nd Issue, Mm Martlet

Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Shilling, 2nd Issue, mm Martlet. Good Very Fine with an excellent portrait.

Richard I, 1189-99, Penny

Richard I, 1189-1199, Short Cross Penny, London Mint, Class 4a, Moneyer: Ricard - RICARD ON LVND. Very Fine with a great portrait.

Henry VIII, Groat 2nd coinage

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Second Coinage, Groat, London, mm Lis. Fine-Very Fine

Edward III, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat London

Edward III, 1327-1377, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat, London. Type E with broken letters. About Very Fine

Henry VIII, Half Groat, Canterbury

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Third Coinage, Halfgroat, Canterbury Mint, CIVITAS CANTOR. Fine to Very Fine, with reasonable portrait.