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Victoria, bronze Half Penny 1860

Victoria, 1837-1901. Bronze Halfpenny, 1860. Choice Uncirculated with much lustre

Victoria, copper 1/2 Penny 1855

Victoria, 1837-1901, Copper Halfpenny, 1855. Brilliant Uncirculated with almost full lustre and reddish tone.

1970 Last 1/2d and 1/2p

In 1970 the last ever Halfpenny was struck, but only for the Proof Set of that year, you could not get one in change. In 1984 the last ever Halfpence was struck and again you could only get one in the Mint or Proof Set of that year, none were struck for change. We are offering a pair of the 1970 Halfpenny in Proof and the 1984 Halfpence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The last ever Halfpenny and the last ever Halfpence and you could never find either coin in your change.

1901 Halfpenny BU

Queen Victoria was our second longest serving Monarch, 1837-1901. The last coins struck for her were dated 1901. We have a nice but small group of the 1901 Old Head halfpennies in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. A nice type coin and the Halfpenny is much more difficult to get than the Penny, especially in such nice condition. The last ever halfpenny of Queen Victoria, worth adding to your collection, while supplies last.

1806 Halfpenny Fine

During the reign of King George III there was a great shortage of small change. The last type of Halfpenny issued for this Monarch were struck in 1806 and 1807. We recently purchased a nice group of the 1806 issue, the first year of issue in Fine and Very Fine condition. You have the bust of King George III dressed as a Roman on one side and the seated figure of Britannia on the other side. These were the last copper George III halfpennies issued. After the Currency Reform Act of 1816, they didn’t bother to issue any halfpennies.

1944, George VI, Halfpenny. Unc. - Brill. Unc.

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1944 in between Uncirculated & Brilliant Uncirculated condition.