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Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1964

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1964 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1966

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1966 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny, 1959

The pre-decimal Halfpenny was known as the Golden Hind Halfpenny, because the reverse depicts Sir Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind. We have always liked the halfpenny, partly because of its design and partly because so few collectors have them, that they are in fact difficult to find in the high grades. The coin on offer is the 1959 British Golden Hind Halfpenny in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They catalogue doesn’t list this as a difficult coin to find in Brilliant Uncirculated, but it is. We have a small group that was put away 60 years ago and they are Brilliant Uncirculated coins.

Elizabeth II, last 1970 Halfpenny and last 1984 Halfpence

In 1970 the last ever Halfpenny was struck, but only for the Proof Set of that year, you could not get one in change. In 1984 the last ever Halfpence was struck and again you could only get one in the Mint or Proof Set of that year, none were struck for change. We are offering a pair of the 1970 Halfpenny in Proof and the 1984 Halfpence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The last ever Halfpenny and the last ever Halfpence and you could never find either coin in your change.

Elizabeth II, The Last Halfpenny, 1967

A plate with the obverse and reverse of the last Halfpenny 1967. The reverse engraved 'Halfpenny the last struck at Tower Hill December 31st 1968'. Uncirculated and most unusual, I just don't what to make of it

George I, Halfpenny, 1718

George I, 1714-27, Halfpenny, Dump Issue, 1718 (broken 8 in date). Very Fine but edge bump at 2 o'clock. Catalogues £225 in VF