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George II, 1/2d 1735

George II, 1727-60, Halfpenny, Young Head, 1735 (broken numerals in date). Very Fine

George II, Young Head Halfpenny 1731

George II, 1727-60, Young Head Copper Halfpenny, 1731. About Extremely Fine and a minor mint error, the coin struck about 5% off centre

George II, 1/2d 1730

George II, 1727-60, Young Head, Halfpenny, 1730 (broken 0 in date). Nearly Very Fine

Edward VIII BWA Halfpenny KN Uncirculated

In the brief reign of King Edward VIII the only coins to be issued for circulation were for overseas territories. The coin on offer is the Halfpence for British West Africa. The Halfpence is the most difficult denomination to get. These coins were struck in Birmingham at the Kings Norton Mint and carry the KN mintmark. The coins are in Uncirculated condition and the KN is the most difficult of the Halfpennies to find. You have the scarcest denomination and the most difficult mint of this scarce denomination, what more can you ask for?

Victoria, 1/2 Penny 1875

Victoria, 1837-1902. Halfpenny 1875.. Uncirculated - Brilliant Unc with full lustre

George III, Halfpenny 1799

George III, 1760-1820, Halfpenny 1799. Choice Uncirculated with rainbow toning