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Edward VIII, British West Africa Half Penny, 1936

Although no coins of King Edward VIII were released in this country, due to his Abdication, they did strike some coins for the overseas Colonies. British West Africa had three different denominations struck and that were actually used as day to day money. They are the Penny, Halfpenny and Tenth Penny, all were struck with holes in the middle, as the locals had no pockets and the hole allowed them to be stuck on a string that they could then wear. Not only were there three denominations, but they were struck at three different Mints, some of which are scarce. Offered here is the London halfpenny in uncirculated.

Edward VIII, BWA Halfpenny KN Uncirculated, 1936

In the brief reign of King Edward VIII the only coins to be issued for circulation were for overseas territories. The coin on offer is the Halfpence for British West Africa. The Halfpence is the most difficult denomination to get. These coins were struck in Birmingham at the Kings Norton Mint and carry the KN mintmark. The coins are in Uncirculated condition and the KN is the most difficult of the Halfpennies to find. You have the scarcest denomination and the most difficult mint of this scarce denomination, what more can you ask for?

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1958

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1958 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1960

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1960 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1963

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1963 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.