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George V, Halfcrown, 1917

In the early reign of King George V, the coins were struck in Sterling Silver 925 fine Silver. After 1920 the coins were struck in 500 fine silver. The largest Sterling Silver coin struck during the reign of King George V was the Halfcrown. They are in Fine or better condition.

George VI, Halfcrown Choice Uncirculated, 1943

We have just bought a small group of the 1943 World War II Silver Halfcrowns in Uncirculated and Choice Uncirculated condition. King George VI was on the throne and because of necessity our coinage was still being struck in silver, be it half fine silver. The 1943 Halfcrown is the largest denomination struck at the time. A halfcrown for those of you who have forgotten is Two Shillings and Sixpence or half a dollar in local London talk. We have them in two very high grades and very difficult to usually get, Uncirculated and Choice Uncirculated. Remember in 1947 they took silver out of our coinage.

George VI, Halfcrown Choice Uncirculated, 1944

Of course 1944 is an important date for many reasons largely regarding the events of world war II. At that time our Monarch was King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. Our coinage was still being struck in Silver as this was less useful to the War Effort than cupronickel in producing munitions. The largest denomination struck in 1944 was the Half Crown, Two Shillings and Sixpence. The coins on offer are at the top end of the grading scale and are very nice examples - choice uncirculated. The coins have seen no wear, but of course over the past 74 years they will have toned a little, but then again haven’t we all? Nice coins that will please and delight you.

George VI, Halfcrown Extremely Fine, 1944

This Silver George VI Halfcrown was issued at the end of World War II in 1944. It was the largest silver coin issued at the time and it would be only two more years before they removed all silver from our coinage. You have the bust of King George VI on one side and arms with crowned ciphers on the other side. These Silver Halfcrowns are in Extremely Fine condition which is a high grade for this coin. Don’t miss out.

Victoria, Halfcrown 1890. Choice BU

Victoria (1837-1901) Jubilee Head Halfcrown, 1890. Choice Uncirculated condition with Prooflike surfaces. A scarce date.

Victoria, Halfcrown, 1874

Victoria (1837-1901), 1874 Halfcrown. Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated.