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George V, Halfcrown 1914

George V, Halfcrown 1914, About Uncirculated

1945 Halfcrown Uncirculated

These 1945 Silver Halfcrowns are the penultimate Silver issues for this country; in 1947 all our coinage would be struck in cupro-nickel. The Halfcrown was the largest denomination struck at the time. It is two shillings and sixpence or a halfcrown. You have the uncrowned portrait of the King on one side and arms within a shield on the other side. They were struck in 500 fine silver and the examples on offer are of the highest grade. They make wonderful type coins for your collection and they are the next to last year of silver coinage. We offer this 1945 Halfcrown in Uncirculated condition. They are the largest denomination made at the time and their quality is outstanding.

William III, Halfcrown 1698

William III, 1694-1702. Halfcrown, 1698, DECIMO. About very fine condition.

Victoria Jubilee Head Halfcrown (Very Fine)

Queen Victoria finally allowed the design of her coinage to be changed after 50 years. We suppose a 67 year old woman does look a little different from a 17 year old girl. Never-the-less in 1887 to celebrate her Golden Jubilee she allowed a new portrait to be used on her coinage, this of course, became known as the Jubilee Head design. The Half Crown with this Jubilee Head design was only issued from 1887 until 1892, when the design was changed again. The Queen hated this Jubilee Head design because it showed her with a tiny crown on her head, almost like a toy. The coins were struck in Sterling Silver and personally, we think the design is rather attractive. This product comes in 'very fine' condition. Dates will be of our choice and to be honest, most of the coins on offer are the first year of issue (1887), because that is the most available date of the series. Nice high grade coins at prices that won’t hurt your pocket and remember that these coins are now 125 years old!

Victoria, Halfcrown 1890. Choice BU

Victoria (1837-1901) Jubilee Head Halfcrown, 1890. Choice Uncirculated condition with Prooflike surfaces. A scarce date.

George III, Halfcrown 1817, Choice UNC

George III (1760-1820) Halfcrown, 'Bull Head' 1817. Choice Uncirculated.