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Charles II, Halfcrown, 1663

First bust, Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, interlinked C's in angles, regnal year on edge. Good Very Fine / Extremely Fine struck on a large planchet almost like a trial strike, and Rare thus catalogues £4,750 in Extremely Fine

Edward VI, Halfcrown 1551

Fine Silver Issue, Halfcrown 1551, mm.Tun

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown Uncirculated, 1953

The first halfcrown issued for the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown Uncirculated, 1966

In 1967 the last Halfcrown ever was struck for circulation. So the 1966 is the penultimate issue and in fact is many times harder to get in Uncirculated condition than the 1967 Halfcrown. We have nice Uncirculated examples of the scarcer 1966 Queen Elizabeth II Halfcrown to offer to our collectors. A lucky buy allowed us to offer them to you this issue. They are the largest in both size and denomination that was struck for circulation, after all the crowns really circulated in the 1960’s. Add an Uncirculated 1966 Queen Elizabeth II Halfcrown to your collection; it is something that not all that many collectors have…

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown Uncirculated, 1967

The last Halfcrown issued for circulation

George II, Young Head Halfcrown, 1732

Reverse, Roses & Plumes, Regnal year SEXTO on edge. Good Very Fine a well-struck coin.

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