Greece, 5 Ecu Pattern 1994

Prooflike condition, struck in cupronickel and each comes sealed in a snap lock bag
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SKU: FGR9921

These were made by a Greek friend of ours when they were talking about the European currency being the Ecu instead of the Euro which was finally used. He made a crownsized 5 Ecu pattern in 1994 for Greece.
On one side you have an ancient Greek warrior on horseback with a spear and the date 1994. The reverse has an ancient Greek sailing ship powered by men with oars and the Greek Flag, as well as the denomination.
The last time we had any we charged £8.95 for them and they sold out.  They are Prooflike condition, struck in cupronickel and each comes sealed in a snap lock bag. Great value for a good reason.

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