Gibraltar, £100, 2015. First Polymer issue. Unc

Crisp Uncirculated, first polymer issue from Gibraltar commemorating Joshua Hassan on the centenary of his birth.
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This £100 which has just been issued by Gibraltar is stunning. It is the very first polymer plastic note to have been issued by Gibraltar and what a note it is!
The front is dominated by a facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II while on the back we find a portrait of Sir Joshua Hassan. This note dated 21st April 2015 marks the centenary of his birth and is intended to commemorate his huge contribution to the creation of self government in Gibraltar. He served four terms as Chief Minister and was the first Gibraltarian to assert that only the inhabitants of the Rock had the right to decide their future. For this reason he is often referred to as Salvador or Saviour.

A landmark note, in polymer plastic and stunning to boot. Crisp Uncirculated

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