Geroge VI, Pair of 1937 Threpences AR & BR Uncirculated

For the Coronation of King George VI the Royal Mint decided to issue two totally different Threepences. The normal Silver Threepence was still being struck, except with a new design for the new King. But the Mint also issued a Brass Threepence for the first time. Eventually the silver issue would be abandoned and the brass coin would continue to be made until 1967 when the stopped making pre-decimal coins. I can offer a very limited number of collectors not only the 1937 Silver Threepence but also the 1937 Brass Threepence. But both coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, how fantastic is that? Issued 82 years ago for the Queen’s Father’s Coronation and still as nice as when they were issued. Supplies are very limited, so please order early…
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