Germany Paderborn (4) Bishop Notgeld

We offer sets of notgeld issued by Paderborn, a city in Eastern North Rhine Westphalia which was founded as a bishopric by Charlemagne in AD795. Sets are Uncirculated and dated 1921. Those on offer here feature 4 bishops.
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Set of 10 Different Uncirculated British Military Notes

After the Second World War was over the British Military used their own currency in their bases overseas. This was to avoid black marketeering. These so-called British Armed Forces Vouchers were issued between 1946 and the late 1970s. These notes were printed by two different Security Printers, Bradbury Wilkinson and Thomas de la Rue. Here we offer the two sets for a discount price: one comprising 7 notes, all in Uncirculated condition printed by Bradbury Wilkinson, the other one with 3 decimal notes printed by Thomas de la Rue. Included in this set are the 2nd Issue £1 & £5, the 3rd Issue £1, the 4th Issue £1, and the decimal values of 5p, 10p, and 50p which were issued after 1971, as well as the same decimal notes printed by Thomas de la Rue.

Elizabeth II, £2 Two Dragons, Proof in Capsule

The Royal Mint issued a rather handsome Silver Crownsized £2 coin and called it ‘The Two Dragons’. This piece shows both the Eastern dragon and the Welsh dragon. It contains one ounce of pure Proof silver, it was struck in 2018 and the entire mintage of 2,500 coins was sold to one overseas dealer But NO British collectors were offered the chance to add this important and beautiful coin to their collection! How can a British collector complete his or her collection when all of these British coins were sold outside the country!? Something is rotten at the Royal Mint we hear you say! Well, read on… Coincraft has worldwide contacts; we managed to track them down, although the Royal Mint didn’t want to even admit that they had struck them. We managed to locate and buy about 20% of the entire mintage. It is now our duty and pleasure to offer these British coins to our collectors of British coins. We don’t care what the Royal Mint thinks. We want our British collectors to be able to buy British coins, even when they cannot buy them at full price from the Royal Mint. Normally a coin such as this would be sold by the Royal Mint at between £82 and £88, which we think is too high. No matter how beautiful it is. We are going to offer you this British Silver Proof £2 either in the Royal Mint capsule at far less than the Royal Mint would have charged, had they given you the chance to buy it. Remember, the Royal Mint didn’t even offer you the opportunity to own one. Our price is just £58.50 in a capsule.