Germany 1 Milliarden on 1000 Marks 1923 P113a GEF/ Unc

Germany 1 milliarden on 1000 marks 1923 Brown and black on cream. Man in frame top left/ Design Revaluation as red overprint. Unc
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In the early 1920s Germany‘s economy was gripped by hyperinflation. This was so fast-moving that denominations already printed were not used because of the speed of the need to issue ever higher denominations to keep up. This was the case of a 1000 mark note dated 1922 which was never really issued. It made a reappearance some months later with an overprint for the denomination 1 milliarden marks (today’s billion!). We can offer Crisp GEF/Unc examples of this revalued Milliarden marks note for just £9.75

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