George VI Halfpenny 1937 Unc.

Bronze halfpenny featuring King George VI from 1937; condition is uncirculated
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1938 Silver 3d

In 1938 our Prime Minister Chamberlain met with Hitler, a lot good that did us. The Bren Light Machine Gun entered the British Army, now did us a lot of good. The Beano was first put on sale and that gave all of us a laugh. Our King was George VI, who had been on the throne for only about a year. The smallest silver coin struck for circulation was the Silver Threepence, even though at the same time a brass threepence was actually being struck as well. We can offer this George VI 1938 Silver Threepence in Fine condition and it is a date that is not all that easy to find.

1944, George VI, Halfpenny. Unc. - Brill. Unc.

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1944 in between Uncirculated & Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

George VI Halfpenny 1952 Unc.-Brill. Unc.

Bronze halfpenny featuring King George VI from 1952; condition somewhere between uncirculated and brilliant uncirculated.