George VI, Florin Choice Uncirculated, 1942

GEORGE VI, 1936-1952, Florin, 1942. Choice Uncirculated
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George VI, Brass Threepence Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, 1943

Anyone who knows the brass threepence series knows that in the higher grades these are incredibly difficult to find, as all of these coins were put away during World War II. We have seen these elsewhere for £10 a coin more than I am asking you now. It is well worth thinking about and if you need an extra coin for a friend, then now is the time to get them.

George VI, 1 Penny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1948

1D (1 Penny) from the reign of George VI, minted in 1948 and in brilliant, uncirculated condition.

George VI, Farthing Brilliant Uncirculated, 1952

The last Farthing with the portrait of George VI but issued during the reign of Elizabeth II as George VI died on 6 February 1952.