George V 1910 - 1936

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George V Farthing 1921 Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1921 George V was our Monarch and he had celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Coronation (1911-1921). The smallest and most used coin of this year was the bronze Farthing. You have the bare head of King George V facing left on the obverse and the reverse has the seated figure of Britannia. For some reason, the 1921 in high grades is most difficult to get. After all, it is almost 100 years old. Available here in Brilliant Uncirculated. It has been a long time since we have seen such nice examples of this scarce date of Farthings. Treat yourself; after all, you deserve it…

George V, Halfcrown 1914

George V, Halfcrown 1914, About Uncirculated

George V, Halfcrown 1916

George V, Halfcrown 1916, Extremely Fine

George V, Halfcrown 1917

George V, Halfcrown 1917, Extremely Fine

George V, Halfcrown, 1916

George V, Halfcrown 1916, About Uncirculated

George V, Halfcrown, 1916

George V, Halfcrown 1916, Uncirculated