George IV 1820 - 1830

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George IV, Halfpenny, 1827

Obverse: Laureate head facing left, Reverse: Britannia seated with shield and trident. About Uncirculated but a few small edge nicks.

George IV, Shilling, 1826

Obverse, Bare Head facing left, date below. Reverse, Lion on Crown. Uncirculated with lovely toning.

George IV, Silver Crown Fine

In the reign of King George IV, he only issued crowns for circulation for two years 1821 and 1822. These are difficult to get as it was such a short mintage. We have a small supply of this Sterling Silver Crown and we have them in Fine condition. Dates are of our choice, but if you order more than one coin, we will try and give you one of each date. A short series and not an easy one to find.

George IV, Third Farthing, 1827

Brilliant Uncirculated with full mint lustre. Hard to find a better example.

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