George IV 1820 - 1830

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George IV, Halfpenny 1827

George IV, 1820-30. Halfpenny 1827. Uncirculated with lovely chocolate brown tone

George IV Crown Very Good

During the short reign of King George IV this Sterling Silver Crown or Five Shilling piece was only struck for two years 1821 and 1822. You have the portrait of King George IV on the obverse with St. George and the dragon on the reverse. There was another design crown issued in 1826 but that is very rare. This is a rather handsome and we believe underappreciated coin and one that over the past few years has been harder and harder to get. In fact the few coins that we can offer you have taken us two years to put together. The coins on offer are in Very Good condition. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were only struck for two years.

George IV 1827 Third Farthing GVF

In the reign of King George IV the smallest coin issued for circulation was the copper Third Farthing of 1827. They were actually issued for use in Malta but were very popular in this country. But they were only ever issued in 1827 so this is a very important type of coin; after all it is the only George IV Third Farthing ever made. We bought a fantastic little group of these copper coins in high grade for the coin, this product being offered in Good-Very Fine condition. You may well be missing this type coin in your collection; if so please consider getting one whilst they last.

George IV Farthing 1822 EF

George IV (1820-30) Farthing 1822, Extremely Fine Condition

1825, George IV, Farthing

George IV (1820-1830) Farthing, 1825. Extremely Fine but edge nick at 8 o'clock.

George IV Sterling Silver Shilling dated 1825 - 1829. Fine

George IV Bare Head variety Sterling Silver Shilling struck between 1825 and 1829, date supplied subject to availability.

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