George III, GB Incurrupta Patina Cupro-nickel

This is a Patina or retro-pattern to show what something might have looked like, had it been issued at the time. These are privately minted to the highest quality and are full crownsized 38mm. This is the George III pattern Crown issued with a large head of George III and an inscription that has caused it to be known as the Incorrupta Pattern. It is struck in Prooflike cupro-nickel to the highest standard. Because we bought these years ago, we can offer them at what seems almost a crazy low price. If they were made today, they would cost a heck of a lot more money.
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Monaco, Rare Pattern Ecu 1994. Cupronickel BU

Privately issued pattern Ecu coin for Monaco issued in 1994 and struck in Cupronickel

George V, Sixpence circulated, 1926

In 1926 a Princess, now Queen Elizabeth II was born. Her grandfather King George V was on the throne at the time. The Sixpence was still being struck in silver. John Logie Baird demonstrated TV and the country had a terrible General Strike. For some reason the coins of 1926 are not easy to get. So we were very happy when we were offered a small group of the 1926 Silver Sixpence, a most useful and collected denomination. The coins are used, but in selected circulated condition. Honour our great Monarch, add a silver sixpence of her birth year to your collection. After all Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving Monarch that this great nation has ever had.

British Trade Dollar 1998 Blank

The British Trade Dollar was originally made in the late 1800’s to compete with the Mexican 8 Reales which was being used heavily in commerce in the Far East. The Trade Dollar was made periodically until the 1930’s. About 20 years ago, someone asked the Royal Mint to make new dies with the then current date 1998. The Mint did make them and then some sort of problem occurred. The person who had the dies made, had the ‘coins’ struck elsewhere and with a full colour commemorative sticker on the back. At the time, we bought a couple of hundred of the Prooflike crownsized pieces with a blank reverse, figuring to use them sometime. Well we just found them the other day and I have decided to offer them with the blank reverse. You could add a sticker or even engrave something, it is up to you. These are the only examples around that we know of.