George III 1760 - 1820

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George III, Bank of England Dollar, 1804

The emergency issue, Uncirculated with wondeful nice toning and full lustre. These Dollars were re-struck from Spanish -American 8 Reales until around 1811.

George III, Bank Of England Eighteenpence Uncirculated, 1816

George III (1760-1820). Bank of England Issue, 1804-16. Eighteenpence, 1816. Prooflike, uncirculated with nice toning.

George III, BH Sixpence Very Good

In 1816 there was the Currency Reform Act, which allowed coins to be struck even without the Monarch’s permission. This was put into place because of King George III’s illness and the shortage of small change. From 1816 on, new designs, new weights new everything. These are the first of the new Sterling Silver Sixpences issued from 1816-1820. You have the bull head of the King on one side and a crowned shield on the other side. Even in this grade supplies are limited.

George III, Crown Fair

In 1816 the government made all of the older coins no longer legal tender. They then issued a whole series of new coins, which were, of course, legal tender. This is the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued for King George III. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued only from 1818-1820. This coin is now proving very hard to get and it has been some time since we last had enough to offer them to our collectors. Dates of our choice, but we can offer them in Fair and Very Good condition. Here we present the coin in Fair condition. A very important coin as it was the first of the ‘new’ coinage to be struck.

George III, Crown LIX, 1819

George III, 1760-1820. Crown 1819 edge LIX. Uncirculated with prooflike surfaces.

George III, Halfcrown Choice Uncirculated, 1817

George III (1760-1820) Halfcrown, 'Bull Head' 1817. Choice Uncirculated.