George III 1760 - 1820

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George III, Bank of England Dollar, 1804

The emergency issue, Uncirculated with wondeful nice toning and full lustre. These Dollars were re-struck from Spanish -American 8 Reales until around 1811.

George III, Bank Of England Eighteenpence Uncirculated, 1816

George III (1760-1820). Bank of England Issue, 1804-16. Eighteenpence, 1816. Prooflike, uncirculated with nice toning.

George III, Crown LIX, 1819

George III, 1760-1820. Crown 1819 edge LIX. Uncirculated with prooflike surfaces.

George III, Halfcrown Choice Uncirculated, 1817

George III (1760-1820) Halfcrown, 'Bull Head' 1817. Choice Uncirculated.

George III, Halfcrown Gem Uncirculated, rainbow toning, 1816

Two-year type coin with magnificent rainbow toning on the obverse.

George III, Halfcrown 'Prooflike' About Uncirculated, 1817

Silver Halfcrown dated 1817 with Prooflike obverse and superb toning