George II 1727 - 1760

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George II, 1/2d 1735

George II, 1727-60, Halfpenny, Young Head, 1735 (broken numerals in date). Very Fine

George II, Young Head Halfpenny 1731

George II, 1727-60, Young Head Copper Halfpenny, 1731. About Extremely Fine and a minor mint error, the coin struck about 5% off centre

George II, 1/2d 1730

George II, 1727-60, Young Head, Halfpenny, 1730 (broken 0 in date). Nearly Very Fine

George II, 1/2d 1734

George II, 1727-60, Young Head Halfpenny, 1734 (3 of date with flaw or overstrike) About Very Fine

George II, Young Head Crown 1739

George II, 1727-1760, Crown, 1739, Roses on the reverse. a beautiful example, Good Very Fine, the reverse better. Well struck up and on a large flan. A lovely coin.

George II Lima Halfcrown Fine

Spain, during the reign of King George II was the wealthiest nation in the world. This came about because of the silver and gold that it was taking out of South America. Of course, that precious metal had to make it from South America to Spain. There were many pirates who plundered the Spanish ships, taking the precious silver and gold away from the Spanish. In 1745 and 1746 the British Government decided to tweak the noise of the Spanish. Not only did they steal silver from them, but the British then decided to strike coins proclaiming what they had done. So they issued a silver Halfcrown with the word Lima below the King’s bust to tell everyone where the silver came from. A great way to make friends. These Halfcrowns of King George II are dated 1745 or 1746; they are in Fine condition and have ‘Lima’ below the King’s bust. A nice piece of ‘pirate treasure’.

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