Mongolia, Genghis Khan copper coin

Over 800 years old
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Genghis Khan is perhaps the most famous Mongolian ever. He was born in about 1162 and died in 1227 and he conquered most of the known world stretching from the Danube to the Pacific.

He was known as a ruthless person who wiped out entire cities that had ‘done him wrong’. Piles of skulls were not unusual in places that he destroyed but, as a soldier, he had to be admired, life was tough and you couldn’t trust anyone. He even invaded China and won.

This is a small copper coin issued while a town was under siege. You have an elephant on one side and Arabic writing on the other side. These coins date to 1200 AD and come in an attractive and informative presentation package.

You can own this coin with an elephant issued over 800 years ago by one of the most feared but successful warriors ever Genghis Khan for just £14.95. This is fantastic value for the money and it is only available from Coincraft. This is the first time it is being offered and at this price and it just might be the last!

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