Fourth Issue green £1, K.O. Peppiatt, EF

Bank of England green Britannia £1, 4th issue, threaded, K.O. Peppiatt as Chief Cashier (B260). Extremely Fine Condition
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K.O. Peppiatt was one of the longest serving Chief Cashiers at the Bank of England. He served from 1934 until 1949, throughout the Second World War, when he was succeeded by P.S. Beale. During Peppiatt’s term, 4 different varieties of £1 note were issued.
Here we offer examples of the fourth and last £1 note issued with Peppiatt’s signature (B260)
They followed the Britannia design and were coloured green. They also contained an embedded metal security thread, a revolutionary development which was first introduced as an anti-counterfeiting device in the Second World War.

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