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George V, Silver Florin, 1922

Tutankhamun’s tomb is discovered by Howard Carter, giving rise to the story of the Curse of Tutankhamun. The world’s largest hydroelectric station opens in Canada near Niagara Falls. Mahatma Gandhi is jailed for six years for civil disobedience. It is 1922 and our King is George V, our coinage is still being struck in Silver, although it is only 500 fine since 1920 and Mussolini and his Black Shirt march on Rome. To commemorate this year we are offering the hardest denomination of 1922 to get the Silver Florin. This is also the year that the ‘Flapper Girl’ takes America by storm. The 1922 Florins on offer are in Very Good to Fine condition and are now some 97 years old. Treat yourself, after all, haven’t you always wanted to live during the time of the flappers?

George VI, Florin Choice Uncirculated, 1942

GEORGE VI, 1936-1952, Florin, 1942. Choice Uncirculated

George VI, Bag of 10 Florins, 1948

Here is one that should be a winner, judging by previous experience. A bag of 10 1948 King George VI Florins. What is so special about the 1948 Florin. Well they changed the metal content in 1947 from silver to cupronickel and the legend on the coins was only used for two years, 1947 and 1948. So this is a two year only type coin. These coins are now 64 years old and are in selected circulated condition. Why a bag of 10? Because collectors like to trade with other collectors or give them away. By selling them in bags of ten we can also keep our prices down, as it costs us the same to handle an order for ten coins as it does for just one coin.

George VI, Cupronickel Florin Collection, 1947-1951

In 1947 the Royal Mint removed all Silver from our coinage and it was now to be struck in cupro-nickel. The 1947 and the 1948 issues had the normal legend on the coins, but in 1947 India became independent and so that in 1949 changed that legend. The Florin of King George VI issued in cupronickel was struck in 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1951. There were no coins struck for circulation in 1952 because that was the year that the King died. The next Florin to be issued was in 1953 for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We offer the complete King George VI cupronickel Florin Collection for only £12.50. They come in a snap-lock plastic bag, ready to be added to your collection, all coins are in Fine condition and you get one coin of every date 1947-1951.

George VI, Florin Choice Uncirculated, 1944

We have a small hoard of Uncirculated and Choice Uncirculated 1944 King George VI Silver Florins. The Florin is the most difficult denomination to get in most series. These Florins and beautiful silver coins, when a coin was struck in silver and you knew it. There is something about silver that makes you feel good, after all it is a precious metal. You have the bare head of King George VI on the obverse and a crowned Rose on the reverse. The Mint would only continue to use Silver in our coinage for just two more years. A scarce denomination and choice quality, what more could you ask for? The coin presented here is the Uncirculated Silver Florin.

George VI, Florin Uncirculated with lustre, 1945

Silver Florin issued at the end of World War II.

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