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Edward VII, Florin Very Good

In the short reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910) the coins were still being struck in (0.925) Sterling Silver. It was a short reign so there were not all that many coins struck and some of the dates are rare but we are offering you nice type examples for your collection, NO RARE DATES AVAILABLE. The coins are in Very Good condition.

Elizabeth II, Florin, 1966 Uncirculated

The last Florin issued for circulation was in 1967, the first year of issue was only 1849, so it is a short lived denomination. Also as a denomination the Florin has always been the most difficult one to get. I have some nice Uncirculated Queen Elizabeth II 1966 Florins. This the penultimate year of the whole denomination. Not easy to get, yet it is not an expensive coin.

Elizabeth II, Roll of 18 Florins from 1967

In the United States collecting rolls of coins has always been an important part of the hobby. We don’t know if people, collect, hoard or buy to give away as gifts. In any case collecting coins by the roll is very important. So we sent to one of our suppliers in America and bought a number of their square plastic tubes for coins. The square ones will not roll all over the place. When we describe a roll it refers to the packaging and not the number in the roll. This particular role has 18 Florins. All coins are Queen Elizabeth II, the last year of issue of our Pre-Decimal coins. Start a new hobby, collect Brilliant Uncirculated rolls of British coins!

Elizabeth II, The Last Florin 1967, Brilliant Uncirculated.

Elizabeth II, The Last 1967 Florin. Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1967 the Royal Mint issued its last ever Florin for circulation. Although it had an exact decimal equivalent, the 10p, they decided to stop making them. As most collectors know the florin is the most difficult of the denominations to get. We can offer the last ever, the 1967 Florin in Brilliant Uncirculated condition for just £4.00. At one time a number of years ago, we had to pay that price to get them. But a fortunate find, in our basement, allows us to offer them to you. Limit of three coins per collector and well worth having.

George V, Silver Florin 2nd Type

The most difficult denomination of King George V’s coinage to get is the Silver Florin or Two Shilling Piece. They were made in 500 fine Silver from 1920-1936 and there are two different types. From 1920-1926 the reverse had four shield set square. From 1927-1936 the shields are set at an angle and has more elaborate sceptres. The hoard we bought are in Fine condition and struck in silver. We are offering dates of our choice. Remember that these Florins are the most difficult denomination of King George V silver coins to find. We love them and so will you.

George V, Silver Florin, 1922

Tutankhamun’s tomb is discovered by Howard Carter, giving rise to the story of the Curse of Tutankhamun. The world’s largest hydroelectric station opens in Canada near Niagara Falls. Mahatma Gandhi is jailed for six years for civil disobedience. It is 1922 and our King is George V, our coinage is still being struck in Silver, although it is only 500 fine since 1920 and Mussolini and his Black Shirt march on Rome. To commemorate this year we are offering the hardest denomination of 1922 to get the Silver Florin. This is also the year that the ‘Flapper Girl’ takes America by storm. The 1922 Florins on offer are in Very Good to Fine condition and are now some 97 years old. Treat yourself, after all, haven’t you always wanted to live during the time of the flappers?

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