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Queen Mother 90th Birthday £5

In 1990 the late Queen Mother celebrated her 90th birthday and the Royal Mint issued a special commemorative £5 piece to honour that event. They also issued a specimen example in an early type of bubble pack, not as fancy as the modern packaging, not as expensive as the modern ones either. You have a crowned cipher on the reverse with the dates 1900 1990 and H. M. the Queen on the obverse. These are still mint sealed, in a smaller package which is easier to store. We found 25 of them in one of the vault rooms and while they last, you can have one for an incredible price.

Platinum Wedding £5 Proof

In 2017 the Royal Mint issued a handsome £5 to celebrate the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary, their Platinum. They called it ‘a story of love and loyalty’, as royalists, it is something we totally agree with. And for once the Royal Mint issued a coin that we think fully reflects the time and the mood. You have the conjoined busts of the Queen and Prince Philip on one side and the Queen on horseback on the other side. The certificate this comes with the coin says there is a maximum of 15,950 to be issued, but if previous Royal Mint issues are anything to go by, the mintage will be much lower. Each striking Proof coin comes in the Royal Mint packaging with certificate. This is a rather beautiful piece and supplies are limited.

2017 Queen's Beast Griffin

This is the second of the series of the Queen’s Beasts, the Griffin. There was a series of ten sculptures made to stand guard at the Queen’s Coronation. They were made by James Woodford RA in 1953 and are now in Canada. These coins weigh two ounces of pure Silver and have a nominal face value of £5.00. They are Prooflike Uncirculated and rather a handsome coin.

Sapphire Jubilee £5 Piedfort

In 2017 the Royal Mint issued a crownsized £5 dedicated to the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee of service. It states ‘My whole life, whether it be long or short, devoted to your service’. We haven’t seen this coin before, but our guess is that someone in the States bought some. Because we were able to pick up just 30 pieces of this double thick silver coin slabbed in Proof 69. It is also marked one of the first 500 struck, so it is an early strike as well. The crown is on one side and the Queen on the other. A beautiful and heavy Sterling Silver £5, because being a piedfort, it is double the normal thickness and double the weight of a normal one. We believe that the Mint sold them at £155 and the slabbing cost an extra £15-£20.

Churchill £5 Piedfort

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a Silver Proof £5 to honour Sir Winston Churchill. For VIP collectors they even issued a piedfort or double the normal thickness of this crownsized coin in Proof Sterling Silver. We believe that when it was issued they sold it for £155.00. Someone in the United States bought a quantity and had them ‘slabbed’; that is graded and put into plastic holders to protect them. Well they came out Gem Proof grading 70 out a possible 70 points.

Elizabeth I / Elizabeth II £5 Silver Proof

In 2008 the Royal Mint celebrated the 450th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth I 1558-2008 with the issue of a crownsized £5 piece. They issued this piece in cupronickel, Sterling Silver and Gold, it is the Silver piece that we now offer here. You have Elizabeth I on one side and Elizabeth II on the other side. Today the Royal Mint is charging about £80.00 for a Silver Proof £5 piece.