Finland, 50 Pennia, both with and without crown marking independence.

100 year old silver coins in superb condition.
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When the Russian people broke free of the Emperor, it was also time for Finland to claim its independence. For too many years Finland had been ruled by the Russians. The Finish coins carried the double headed eagle on the reverse. But, to show the Russian authority, between the double heads was a crown, that crown was of Russia. In 1917 Finland became independent and removed that crown from her coinage.

We are offering the Silver 50 Pennia of Finland, both with the crown, under Russian rule and without the crown showing an independent Finland. I think they make an interesting pair, showing ‘both sides of the coin’, so to speak. The coins are in a high grade, Uncirculated and of course they are about 100 years old and struck in Silver. A great pair, high grade and at a realistic price.