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Spain 10 Pesetas 1935 P86 Unc

Spain 10 pesetas 1935 (P86) allegorical woman wearing crenellated crown

Spain 100 Pesetas 1931 P83 EF

Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba/El Gran Capitan in the field of Cerignola before corpse of his enemy, Louis d’Armagnac Duke of Nemours from Casado del Alsal painting

Spain 100 Pesetas 1970 P152 Unc

Spain 100 pesetas 1970 P152 Brown on white de Falla at r/Walled garden Unc

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1925 P70c EF/ GEF

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1925 (P70c) Portrait Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor from 1519, King of Spain from 1516/Double headed eagle in Coat of Arms over door of Alcasar in Toledo

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1928 P78a EF/GEF

Spain 1000 Pesetas 1928 (P78) King Ferdinand I of Castile and Leon and Seville Cathedral/Last Communion of Ferdinand I from painting by Alejandro Ferrant Fischermans.

Spain 25 Pesetas 1928 P74b Unc

Spain25 Pesetas 1928 (P74b) Calderon de la Barca (1606-81) and Monument in Plaza de Santa Anna in Madrid/ Detail of painting by Domingo Munoz of The Devotion of the Cross