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Victoria Farthing 1888 Brilliant Uncirculated

Victoria (1837-1901) Young Head Farthing, 1888 Brilliant Uncirculated with full bright lustre.

Victoria Farthing 1885 GEF

Victoria (1837-1901) Young Head Farthing, 1885 Good Extremely Fine

1875. Victoria Farthing H Extremely Fine

Victoria (1837-1901). Farthing, 1875 H. Extremely Fine

Victoria Copper Farthing. Good Very Fine.

Victoria Copper Farthing Good Very Fine. Dates will be of our choice, but the condition is everything and these copper coins in Good Very Fine are well above average.

Ireland, Edward I (1272-1307), Farthing Dublin. Fine.

Ireland, Edward I (1272-1307), Farthing Dublin. Fine for issue and Rare.