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Charles I Rose Farthing Very Good

In the reign of King Charles I (1625-49) to get from one side of the Thames to the other cost a copper Farthing in a small rowing boat. Unfortunately many of these small boats didn’t make it and turned over and in many cases the people onboard couldn’t swim, so they and the money were lost. A number of years ago when they dredged The Thames, mud larks or treasure seekers followed the boats to where they were dumping the silt. They then went though the silt looking for coins and other artefacts. One of them, a licensed Mud lark, found quite a few Charles I Rose Farthings in the silt, where they had lain since they were lost when the row boats tipped over. He held them for years and only recently sold them to us. The silt kept the coins in nice condition and they are available here in Very Good, remember that these smallest copper coins are almost 400 years old and perhaps still good for a trip across The Thames…

Elizabeth II Farthing 1953 Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1953 the Royal Mint issued new coins for the new Queen, Elizabeth II. But the legend was different from all the coins that were to come, so that the 1953 coins and the Farthing in particular are one year type coins. This is important because there were only 4 dates of Elizabeth II Farthings ever issued, 1956 being the last date of issue. Because the 1953 Coronation Farthing is a one year type, it is also the most difficult one to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought a group that had been put away in 1953, some 65 years ago and had lain undisturbed until now. Add a one year type, 1953 Coronation Farthing in Brilliant Uncirculated to your collection, they are not easy to get.

George VI Farthing Uncirculated 1942

We have just bought a hoard of 1942 World War II Farthings in Uncirculated condition. They were issued under King George VI and all have part original lustre. They were put away at the time, but have mellowed over the past 76 years. No wear just a gentle mellowing of the lustre. 1942 was at the height of the Second World War and the Farthing with the wren on it, was the smallest denomination issued at the time. They are struck in bronze rather than copper and have the bare head of the King on the obverse. Normally we would charge considerably more for this coin, but if we make a good buy, then our customers make a good buy. It is only fair that way. So for this issue only, or until sold out, you can own a 1942 King George VI Farthing in Uncirculated condition and at this price; we think they are very attractive to the collector.

Victoria, bronze Farthing 1873

Victoria, 1837-1901, Bronze Farthing, 1873. Brilliant Uncirculated with full lustre.

Victoria 1888 Farthing UNC-BU

We have just bought a wonderful lot of 1888 Queen Victoria Farthings in Uncirculated - Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They were issued the year after Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. They have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a handsome seated Britannia on the reverse. These coins are Uncirculated with lots of original lustre. The current catalogue price on these coins is £120.00 in Uncirculated, but we bought them right, so we are going to sell them right!

Victoria Copper Young Head Farthing Fine

A nice parcel of Queen Victoria Copper Farthings has just arrived. These are the thick coins actually struck in Copper and not bronze as the later pieces were. You have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. Today these coins are getting more and more difficult to find. They were made from 1838-1859 for circulation. The group we got in had a number of different dates, unfortunately none of the rare ones. This product comes in fine grade. We have not received a parcel like this in years and we are certain these coins will sell very quickly. The more coins you order the more different dates we will try and give you.