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George III, Farthing 1799

George III, 1760-1820, Farthing, 1799. Struck at Soho Mint, Birmingham. Extremely Fine

William IV, Farthing 1831

William IV, 1830-37, Farthing, 1831 (First year of issue), Good Very Fine

Victoria, Farthing 1873

Victoria, 1837-1901, Farthing 1873. Uncirculated, nicely toned.

George IV, Farthing 1825

George IV, 1820-37, Farthing 1825, Uncirculated - Brilliant Unc, lovely toning.

William IV, Farthing 1837

William IV, 1830-37, Farthing, 1837 (last year of issue). Good Very Fine

1888 Victorian Farthing U-BU

We have just bought a wonderful lot of 1888 Queen Victoria Farthings in Uncirculated -Brilliant Unc condition. They were issued the year after Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.They have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a handsome seated Britannia on the reverse. These coins are Uncirculated with lots of original lustre. The current catalogue price on these coins is £120.00 in Uncirculated. Get them whilst you can at our considerably more attractive price!