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Russia 100 Roubles 1910 Catherine The Great Crisp P13 AU/ Unc

Superb examples of the 100 rouble note dated 1910 featuring a portrait of Empress Catherine the Great on the back and in a fabulous watermark. (P13)These were amongst the last notes issued under the Russian Tsars and measure approximately 10 inches x 5 inches. At the time they were issued they were worth 4 ounces of gold which is why those fleeing the revolution stuffed their suitcases with them. While most notes we see are in circulated condition this group is from an original block and are in wonderful condition grading AU/Unc. Wonderful notes

Poland 1000 Marek 1919 P20 AU/Unc

Issued by Poland and dated 1919, this 1000 marek note is pretty impressive. It measures 52mm x 82mm and is densely engraved in brown. (P29) The front has the portrait of national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The back has a crowned eagle within a frame. Superb condition, now almost 100 years old and in Crisp AU/Unc

Spain 100 Pesetas 1970 P152 Unc

Spain 100 pesetas 1970 P152 Brown on white de Falla at r/Walled garden Unc

France 200 Francs 1981-94 P155 Montesquieu GF-VF

This French 200 francs which was issued in the 1980’s and early 1990’s (P156) Its tapestry like design features Montesquieu, a political philosopher living in the 18th century in the Age of Enlightenment. To the right of his portrait a female figure holding a shield representing L’Esprit des Lois,(The Spirit of the Laws) a work he published anonymously in 1748 and which influenced the Founding Fathers when they drew up the American Constitution. The back features his portrait alongside a view of the Chateau de la Brede where he was born and a statue of Scylla a reference to his publication Persian Letters. Available in Good Fine- VF.

Poland 5 Different 20-1000 Zlotych 1980's Unc

AQuintet of Crisp Uncirculated notes from Poland dated in the 1980’s. Included in the set are the 20, 50, 100, 500 zlotych along with the 1000 zlotych featuring Copernicus.

Italy 2000 Lire P115 Marconi Unc

Italy 2000 lire P115 Brown and orange Marconi /Transmitter, masts and Elecctra ship Unc