Encrusted Silver Rider from 1735 (with Certificate)

Origingal shipwreck treasure offered as they were discovered by divers on the ocean floor.
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These are silver crowns or Riders from the Netherlands, they were aboard the Vliegent Hart which sank on the 3rd of February 1735. They are encrusted just as they were on the ocean floor for over 250 years. The divers call them 'Bisquits', or fully round silver coins totally encased in ocean rubble. Each comes with a certificate and they make most unusual gifts, they come with the full history and certificate.

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This is the type of magnifying glass that dealers take with them when they go out to look at coins. It is a 16 x Wide Field folding magnifying glass. The way to use it is to put the glass near your eye and then bring the thing you want to see into the glass until it is focused. These come to us from the United States. The quality is very good and it folds into itself to protect the lens.