Elizabeth II, Florin, 1966 Uncirculated

The last Florin issued for circulation was in 1967, the first year of issue was only 1849, so it is a short lived denomination. Also as a denomination the Florin has always been the most difficult one to get. I have some nice Uncirculated Queen Elizabeth II 1966 Florins. This the penultimate year of the whole denomination. Not easy to get, yet it is not an expensive coin.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, Halfcrown Uncirculated, 1966

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown Uncirculated, 1966

In 1967 the last Halfcrown ever was struck for circulation. So the 1966 is the penultimate issue and in fact is many times harder to get in Uncirculated condition than the 1967 Halfcrown. We have nice Uncirculated examples of the scarcer 1966 Queen Elizabeth II Halfcrown to offer to our collectors. A lucky buy allowed us to offer them to you this issue. They are the largest in both size and denomination that was struck for circulation, after all the crowns really circulated in the 1960’s. Add an Uncirculated 1966 Queen Elizabeth II Halfcrown to your collection; it is something that not all that many collectors have…

Elizabeth II, £2 Britannia 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated

Don’t ask us how we won't tell you. But we are offering you the beautiful 2021 Silver Britannia in Brilliant Uncirculated condition NOW in 2020. All we can say is the coins were legally bought and yes, they are next year’s coins which you can have this year. Each 999 fine silver coin contains one ounce of pure silver. It was issued by the Royal Mint and is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Buy it quickly and you can amaze your friends when you show them next year’s coins this year... We think they are fantastic but there is a limit of 10 coins per collector at this time. Next year you can have all you want, but this year there is a limit of 10 coins of the 2021 Silver Britannia per order. It is beautiful, and you can have it before the end of this year!
Picture of Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1964

Elizabeth II, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1964

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1964 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.