Elizabeth II, Deluxe Proof Set, 1998

We've have checked through our stock of Proof Sets and find that we have an imbalance of Proof Sets in the Red Leather Deluxe cases. Here we are offering the 1998 Deluxe Proof Set. And what a wonderful set it is containing the following: *Prince Charles £5 not only celebrating his 50th Birthday but also honouring the Prince’s Trust. *Bi-Metallic £2 with a design representing progression from the Iron Age to today’s computer age, plus the edge inscription reads ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’* The Royal Arms £1 with edge description ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’ (An ornament and a safeguard), * Twelve Stars of the European Union 50p. * Plus regular 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. All with the Rank-Broadley obverse of Queen Elizabeth II and all coins in gleaming proof in the Red Leather Deluxe case.
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Our friends at Lighthouse have designed a glove especially for handling coins. In between the ridges and valleys of your fingerprints there are acids. If these come into contact with the surface of the coins, this can leave your fingerprint indelibly etched into the surface of the coin. The real problem is that it can take years for this ‘fingerprint’ to appear. They have designed lightweight cotton gloves that are easy to wear and still protect your coins from damage due to handling.