Edward VIII GB no Legend Copper

This Edward VIII Patina issue is almost a trial coin, because there is no legend. Later on a similar piece was issued complete with the legend. The mintage on these Patina pieces is just 975 pieces and no more will ever be struck, as the dies have been cancelled. They have the bare head of Edward on one side and the arms similar to those on the 1937 George VI Crown on the other side. We have them available in copper and goldine. Here we present the Legend Copper. Remember that the mintage in each metal is just 975 pieces.
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George VI Farthing Uncirculated 1952

A nice group of King George VI Wren Farthings in Uncirculated condition. They have touches of lustre, but have seen no wear, they mellowed over the years as most copper and bronze coins will. These are Uncirculated not Brilliant Uncirculated, and as such, they are priced at a lot less money. Here we present the 1952. Nice coins, worth having but supplies are limited. So if you want or need a date or two, best to get in quickly…

Elizabeth II Farthing 1953 Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1953 the Royal Mint issued new coins for the new Queen, Elizabeth II. But the legend was different from all the coins that were to come, so that the 1953 coins and the Farthing in particular are one year type coins. This is important because there were only 4 dates of Elizabeth II Farthings ever issued, 1956 being the last date of issue. Because the 1953 Coronation Farthing is a one year type, it is also the most difficult one to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought a group that had been put away in 1953, some 65 years ago and had lain undisturbed until now. Add a one year type, 1953 Coronation Farthing in Brilliant Uncirculated to your collection, they are not easy to get.

Solomon Islands Pizza Coin

This is pure silver (999 fine) coin of the Solomon Islands with the Queen’s portrait on the obverse. But the reverse is printed in full colour to look like a pizza. You scratch the picture and it smells like a pizza. Better yet the box it comes in looks like a pizza box. You can sure have a lot of fun with these. Supplies are very limited and once these are gone, for sure there will be no more. A pure silver crown with a secret ingredient.