Edward VIII Collectables

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Edward VIII GB no Legend Copper

This Edward VIII Patina issue is almost a trial coin, because there is no legend. Later on a similar piece was issued complete with the legend. The mintage on these Patina pieces is just 975 pieces and no more will ever be struck, as the dies have been cancelled. They have the bare head of Edward on one side and the arms similar to those on the 1937 George VI Crown on the other side. We have them available in copper and goldine. Here we present the Legend Copper. Remember that the mintage in each metal is just 975 pieces.

New Edward VIII Plain Edge Collection

Last year was the 80th anniversary of the Year of Three Kings, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. ICB have issued a beautiful Edward VIII collection, full crownsized in eight different metals with a plain edge as opposed to milled. We bought the entire mintage, except for one set that is being put into auction. Other Edward VIII issues are being sold on ebay for over £245 a collection. The metals they are struck in are: Sterling Silver, Golden Alloy, Copper, Gold Plated Copper, Aluminium, Polished Steel, Pewter and Nickel Silver. A youthful portrait of the uncrowned King is on one side and a new version of St. George slaying the dragon is on the other side. Only 100 collections ever made with the plain edge that is all, forever.

Edward VIII GB 1936 Silver

These full crownsized pieces were issued to show what Edward VIII’s coinage might have looked like, had he not abdicated. The reverses look very similar to the one used on the George VI crown, which makes sense. There are two types. We are offering the type with a full legend. The mintage is just 750 in Proof Sterling Silver, which we think is rather small. Add this to your British collection, after all they are much less expensive than the original, which sold for over £60,000 years ago…

Edward VIII Cover & MR

In 1996 when the Post Office went on strike, Coincraft was the only company in the world to legally issue stamps. We issued six different postage stamps, with a face value of 1p, 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 & £5. Each stamps depicting the coins of Edward VIII, that would have been issued had Edward not abdicated. The stamps were printed by The House of Questa, the same firm that used to print stamps for the Post Office. We have just 100 of the covers, cancelled with the date of the strike 6.8.96 and containing one of the crownsized Edward VIII Great Britain medallic replica. We thought that we were out of stock years ago, but a visit to one of our vault rooms proved me wrong. A fantastic item and priced to tempt and delight you.

George V Penny 1936 Brilliant Uncirculated

This King George V Penny was issued 83 years ago in 1936, but it has a most interesting history. In 1936 we had three Kings, George V died, Edward VIII became King, although he never had a Coronation and finally his brother became George VI. But the real secret is that most of the coins with the portrait of King George V were actually struck while Edward VIII was on the throne. We bought a fantastic little hoard of these the largest bronze coin issued at the time. The coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, which considering they are 83 years old is quite fantastic. Add that into the history of 1936 and you have a heck of wonderful coin. The condition is top quality and the history is amazing, but supplies are limited.

Edward VIII Fiji 1 Penny Ch Unc

Because Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, no British coins were struck for circulation. On the other hand a number of Edward VIII coins were struck for overseas colonies and dependents. The most difficult one to get is the Fiji Penny. It has been some years since we were last able to offer this coin to our collectors. Ian went on a buying trip to New Zealand last year and was able to find a small quantity of this difficult coin. Each coin has a hole in the middle, I guess that was so the locals could carry them on a string. In Choice Uncirculated condition.