Edward I 1272 - 1307

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Edward I Bristol Penny Very Fine

Edward I, 1272-1307, Penny, Bristol Mint, Rev. VILL/ABR/ISTO/LLIE. Very Fine

Edward I, Treasure 1d York Very Good

We have just bought a little group of Silver Pennies of King Edward I 1272-1307, but what is most exciting is that they were struck at the York Royal Mint. Something you don’t see every day. These were put away at least 50 years ago and have just come back to light. In the reign of Edward I, the Silver Penny was the largest denomination made for circulation. The grading on offer here is Very Good (VG). York Royal Mint is a bit difficult to get and our supplies are very limited.

Edward I, Penny Newcastle

Edward I, 1272-1307, Penny, Newcastle Mint. Rev. VILL ANO VICA STRI

Edward I, Durham Silver Penny

Edward I, 1272-1307, Penny, Durham Mint, rev. CIVI TAS DVR EME. Very Fine Condition.

Edward I, Treasure 1d Durham Very Good

The hoard of Edward I Silver Pennies was found at Montrave, Fifeshire in Scotland in 1877. It was found on the land belonging to Mr. Allan Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave. It was fully declared and sat in the British Museum for 40-50 years while they examined it. We recently bought a large part of the hoard from one of the heirs of the man who found them in 1877. We are offering you the chance on one of the Rarer Mints, Durham. If you come from one of these place Durham, so much the better. Each coin comes with a certificate certifying that your coin comes from the Montrave Treasure Hoard and from the town of Durham.

Edward I Treasure 1d London Very Good

This coin is from one of the most fantastic Treasure Trove Hoards we have ever bought. On the 10th of May 1877 at Montrave, Fifeshire, Scotland a hoard of King Edward I Silver Pennies were found. The coins are about 700 years old and the treasure was found 141 years ago! They were declared and sent to the British Museum for cataloguing. This Treasure hoard was found on the land belonging to Mr. Allan Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave. Now for the first time in 141 years, collectors have the chance to own a specimen from this incredible hoard. We are offering this Edward I London Penny with certificate at the same price we would charge for a normal Edward I Penny. But we do retain the right to raise the prices, as supplies run short. Supplies are limited.

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