East India Company Treasure, Ten Cash Coin, EF

200 year old shipwreck treasure recovered from the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast.
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These Ten (X) Cash coins were struck in 1808 for the East India Company (EIC) for use in India. They were struck in Birmingham, England and then were to be sent by ship to India and this is where the problem started. The ship they were sent on sank on the Goodwin Sands, unfortunately all hands on board were lost and the ship stayed there until about 20 years ago when it was re-discovered.
We recently bought from one of the divers, his choice of Ten (X) Cash coins that he personally brought up with his own hands. Because they were submerged for almost 200 years most of the coins are in a remarkably high state of preservation.  Own a real piece of British / Indian Treasure coin for far less than you might expect to pay. These are a wonderful conversation piece as well as true treasure coins and a great item to show your friends.

Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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