East Africa and Uganda, 1c 1912H Choice Brilliant Uncirculated

This British Colony no longer exists, after this coin was struck some 107 years ago, it became East Africa and after that Uganda. We bought a hoard of these One Cent coins struck at The Mint Birmingham Ltd. in 1912 with the H mintmark. I have never seen this coin before in such wonderful quality. The worst ones are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and the best ones are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They were issued under King George V and are now 107 years old. They were struck with a hole in the centre so the natives, who did not have pockets, could string them around their neck. You have a crown and the name of King George V on one side with the denomination on the other side. These are beautiful coins and they should really be in your collection. Once this hoard is gone, there will be no more. CHOICE Brilliant Uncirculated, 107 years old and struck when Britain really had an Empire. They are Rare so choice.
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