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Elizabeth II, Crown Uncirculated, 1960

A commemorative coin issued for the British Exhibition in New York in 1960. The Obverse features a young laurete bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, with the ledgend around. In the obverse you'll see the the four quarterings of the Royal Arms.

Elizabeth II, One Selected Silver Proof Crown

We have just bought 200 Sterling Silver Proof Crowns of the world. The only thing they have in common is that each crownsized coin has the portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. They are Sterling Silver, in Proof condition and come in a protective capsule. Today the Royal Mint charges £80-£88 for a silver proof crown. We cannot and will not tell you what you are going to get, but we will sell them at a lot less than the current price the Royal Mint is charging for similar coins.

Elizabeth II, Order of the Garter Gold Plated Crown, 2008

We've had this important crown in stock for some time but this is the first time that we have found them and therefore can offer them to you. The Order of the Garter was started by King Edward III in 1340 and even today there is a limit of only 24 living people who can be members at any one time. It is the most senior British order of chivalry and is personally chosen by the Monarch. New appointees if any are named on St. George’s Day the 23rd of April. This crown honours the Order of the Garter and those awarded it. You have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II in her robes of The Garter on one side and H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The crown is dated 2008 and 2010 is from Tristan da Cunha, is gold plated, in proof condition and comes in a protective capsule.

Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth Accession Crown, 2010

In 2010 Tristan da Cunha as part of a series, issued a crown noting the Accession of Princess Elizabeth into Queen Elizabeth II. It happened at Tree Tops and there is a small plaque there commemorating the event. This gold plated crown shows the young Elizabeth and the date 1952. The obverse has a portrait of our Queen as she looks now and the date 2010. Each crown is full crownsized, gold plated, struck in Proof and comes in a protective capsule. It remind us of the Queen Victoria medal in 1897, showing both the Young Head and the Old Head. Although, our Monarch looks far better at her age than Queen Victoria did.

Elizabeth II, Queen Mother 25 Pence Silver Proof, 1980

Queen Mother’s 80th Anniversary Silver Proof Crown.

Elizabeth II, Roll of Crowns, 1977

This Crown or Twenty-Five Pence coin was issued in 1977 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. It carries on the tradition of the Coronation crown, in that the Queen is on horseback. They are struck in cupro nickel. We have had some wonderful strong plastic tubes come in from the States. They hold 20 crownsized pieces safe and secure. These Crowns are in Uncirculated condition, we have taken them from original mint sealed bags. A wonderful thing to own or you could break up the roll and give them as gifts.