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Victoria Old Head Crown 1895 VG-F

There are three main types of Queen Victoria Sterling Silver Crowns, Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head. It is the last type of Queen Victoria Silver Crown dated 1895 that we are now offering you. Old head crowns are much more difficult to find than the Jubilee Head type. The Old Head design was used from 1893-1900, after which time Queen Victoria died and her son Edward VII took over. These Crowns are 38mm in diameter, struck in Sterling Silver (925 fine) and are in Very Good or better condition. We always send you the best example that we have in stock, when your order arrives. So the earlier you order the better your chances of getting a slightly better example.

Australia George VI Crown 1937 Very Fine

We have only a small quantity of this 1937 George VI Crown, this is one of only two crowns of Australia. All are in Very Fine. If you need one, please get in as quickly as possible. When they are gone, they are gone; there will be no moreā€¦

Victoria, Crown 1897 LX

Victoria, 1837-1901. Crown 1897 edge LX. Choice Uncirculated beautiful toning

George III, Crown 1819 LIX

George III, 1760-1820. Crown 1819 edge LIX. Uncirculated with prooflike surfaces.

George V, Wreath Crown 1928

George V, 1910-36, Fourth Coinage, Crown, 1928. Wreath reverse. Choice to Gem Uncirculated absolutely brilliant. Mintage only 9034.

George II, Young Head Crown 1739

George II, 1727-1760, Crown, 1739, Roses on the reverse. a beautiful example, Good Very Fine, the reverse better. Well struck up and on a large flan. A lovely coin.