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Victoria Old Head Crown 1897 VG-F

The last coinage of Queen Victoria is called either the Old Head Coinage or the Widow’s Head Coinage. The largest denomination struck in Sterling Silver is the Crown or Five Shilling piece. You have the bust of Queen Victoria on one side and St. George and the dragon on the other side. These Victorian Crowns are struck in Sterling Silver and are in Very Good – Fine condition. We will give you the best example of that date that we have in stock when your order is received. Here we present the 1897 Silver Crown.

George III Crown Fair

In 1816 the government made all of the older coins no longer legal tender. They then issued a whole series of new coins, which were of course legal tender. This is the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued for King George III. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued only from 1818-1820. This coin is now proving very hard to get and it has been sometime since we last had enough to offer them to our collectors. Dates of our choice, but we can offer them in Fair and Very Good condition. Here we present the coin in Fair condition. A very important coin as it was the first of the ‘new’ coinage to be struck.

Victoria Old Head Crown Fine

In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were three main designs used, we have selected the last two, the Jubilee Head and the Old or Widow Head coinage to offer you. Here we are offering the Old or Widow Head Crown in Fine. We have at least two grades: average circulated and a higher grade. Dates will be of our choice depending what we have in stock when the order comes in. But as always fair grading and priced to make them attractive.

Queen Elizabeth Accession Crown

In 2010 Tristan da Cunha as part of a series, issued a crown noting the Accession of Princess Elizabeth into Queen Elizabeth II. It happened at Tree Tops and there is a small plaque there commemorating the event. This gold plated crown shows the young Elizabeth and the date 1952. The obverse has a portrait of our Queen as she looks now and the date 2010. Each crown is full crownsized, gold plated, struck in Proof and comes in a protective capsule. It remind us of the Queen Victoria medal in 1897, showing both the Young Head and the Old Head. Although, our Monarch looks far better at her age than Queen Victoria did.

Order of the Garter

We've had this important crown in stock for sometime but this is the first time that we have found them and therefore can offer them to you. The Order of the Garter was started by King Edward III in 1340 and even today there is a limit of only 24 living people who can be members at any one time. It is the most senior British order of chivalry and is personally chosen by the Monarch. New appointees if any are named on St. George’s Day the 23rd of April. This crown honours the Order of the Garter and those awarded it. You have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II in her robes of The Garter on one side and H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The crown is dated 2008 and 2010 is from Tristan da Cunha, is gold plated, in proof condition and comes in a protective capsule.

3 Sterling Silver Proof Crowns

Today the Royal Mint charges about £80-£88 for a silver proof crown. We bought a large group of silver proof crowns, mostly British Commonwealth, many struck by the Royal Mint. They are in Proof condition and come in protective capsules. Some even have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. All are struck in Proof 925 Silver. But, and here is the but, while the Royal Mint charges about £88.00 today for one silver proof crown, we will give you three different silver proof crowns for just £88.00. It is like buying one and getting two more FREE. They were part of a series mostly issued by and struck by the Royal Mint so you know that the quality is first class. We know they are good value at this special price, which holds only until the 50 sets we have are sold.