Crete, Rhaukos, Silver Stater, 350-330 B.C. VF

Silver Stater from Rhaukos, Crete dating from ca.350-330 B.C. (S.3374) Very Fine
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Silver Stater from Rhaukos, Crete dating from ca.350-330 B.C. Rhaukos was situated near the centre of the island of Crete between Knosos and Gotyna but it was destroyed by these two cities when they attacked in ca. 166 B.C.

Very Fine

Obverse: Naked Poseidon standing facing right holding a trident leading his horse.

Reverse: Ornamented trident head with inscription PAYK/ION in retrograde at sides, all within incuse square.

References: S.3374 / BMC 9.1

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