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Yugoslavia, 500 billion dinara, 1993, (P137) VF-GVF

The highest denomination note issued during the crazy hyper-inflation period in the early 1990's

USA , Louisiana Baby Bond, 1870’s. GEF/UNC

19th century 'Baby Bonds' with uncashed dividend coupons.

Zimbabwe 5 Billion Dollars 2008 P61 Unc

Zimbabwe 5 billion dollars 2008 P61 Mauve on white Design/ grain silos Unc

Yugoslavia, 10 Dinara, 1939 (P35) UNC

Issued by the National Bank of Yugoslavia in 1939.

Zimbabwe $2, 1994, Both watermark varieties. Unc/AU

Pair of $2 notes issued by The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in 1994 with two different watermarks.

Ukraine, 1000 Karbowanez, 1918 (P35)

Issued by Ukraine in 1918. Crisp Uncirculated and very limited supply.