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Uzbekistan 10,000 Som 2017 P84 Unc

Uzbekistan 10,000 som 2017 P-New Blue Arms / Fa├žade of building with flag Unc

Uzbekistan 200 Som 1997 P80 Unc

Uzbekistan 200 som 1997 P80 Green and blue on white Arms/ mythical beast with one eye Unc

Vanuatu 200 Vatu P14 Plastic

Vanuatu 200 vatu P14 printed on polymer plastic I Pink Melanesian man standing/Seated family group Unc

Vanuatu 200 Vatu P8 Unc

Vanuatu 200 vatu P8a Pink , blue and m/c Arms at r/ Statue of family and group of citizens. Unc

Vanuatu 500 Vatu 2017 P-New Polymer Plastic

Vanuatu has completed the transition from issuing its banknotes in paper and now uses polymer plastic. We offer here Uncirculated examples of the plastic 500 vatu issued in 2017 (P-New). The mauve polymer plastic 500 vatu is mauve and slightly reduced in size over the paper version. The same Melanesian man in on the front and a group of dancing boys on the back while another draws in the sand. Limited availability.

Vanuatu 500 Vatu P5 Unc

We offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 500 vatu in 1993.(P5) From 1906 this Pacific Island nation was jointly managed as the New Hebrides as an Anglo-French condominium until its independence in 1980. A Melanesian man appears to the right on the front. The back shows carved figures and a man in traditional dress beats a drum carved from a whole tree. Crisp Uncirculated.