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Gibraltar 10/- 2018 Celebrating World Tourism Unc

In 2018, to mark World Tourism, Gibraltar issued an official replica of the 10 shilling note dated 1934. It was given a nominal face value of 50 pence for the duration of 2018 and is available now in Uncirculated condition. You may not be able to include the 1934 Gibraltar 10 shillings in your collection but this one, which officially mirrors the original, is completely affordable.

Vietnam 100 Dong 2016 65th Anniversary Bank P125 Unc

For quite a few years now the banknotes issued by Vietnam have been printed on polymer plastic. Yet in 2016 a new 100 Dong note was issued, bigger than normal and printed on paper. It was issued to mark the 55th Anniversary of National Banking in Vietnam 1961-2016. Ho Chi Minh is on the front and a view of the bank headquarters in Hanoi is on the back. Uncirculated.

Uruguay 50 Pesos 2018 Commem Polymer Unc P-New

Uruguay has recently issued a new note in polymer plastic to mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Central Bank of Uruguay. 1967-2017 (P-New) Naturally the denomination chosen for this important landmark was the 50 pesos uruguayos. The front is quite simple while the back depicts an excerpt from the work of art Construccion Portuario by Walter Deliotti. While this is Uruguay’s first foray into polymer notes it is understood that this substance will be used in future non commemorative issues. Uruguay’s 1st Polymer 50 pesos in Uncirculated.

Vanuatu 200 Vatu P14 Plastic

Vanuatu 200 vatu P14 printed on polymer plastic I Pink Melanesian man standing/Seated family group Unc

Venezuela 5 New Bolivares P89 Unc

Venezuela 5 bolivares 2014 P89 Orange and grey Printed vertically. Negro Primero/ Armadillo. Unc

Zaire 50 New Makuta 1993 P51 Unc

Zaire 50 nouveaux makuta 1993 51 Orange and green. Pres Mobutu at r/ Traditional fishing Unc