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50 Pesetas Crisp Velazquez

The celebrated 17th-century painter Velazquez is the portrait on the front of these 50 pesetas dated 1928 (P75b) He was the leading painter in the court of the Spanish King Philip IV. The back of the note depicts one of Velazquez’s paintings. Known as Las Lanzas or the Surrender of Breda, it shows the Dutch General Nassau handing the keys of the city of Breda to the Spanish General Spinola. A veritable little work of art Crisp EF/ GEF.

Gibraltar 10/- 2018 Celebrating World Tourism Unc

In 2018, to mark World Tourism, Gibraltar issued an official replica of the 10 shilling note dated 1934. It was given a nominal face value of 50 pence for the duration of 2018 and is available now in Uncirculated condition. You may not be able to include the 1934 Gibraltar 10 shillings in your collection but this one, which officially mirrors the original, is completely affordable.

Isle of Man £1 nd P40c Shimmin Unc 1st Prefix AA

Isle of Man £1 nd P40c Mauve on white Queen Eliz II at r and Triskelis at centre/Tynwald Hill AA Prefix Shimmin Unc

Jersey £1 2010 P32 Unc

Jersey £1 nd P32a Green. Mature portrait Queen Eliz II at r and Liberation monument at centre/ Tower and La Hougeville Black as Treasurer Unc

Luxembourg, 20 Francs 1966 P54 Unc

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the EU with a population just over 500,000 people. These 20 francs dated 1966 feature a portrait of Grand Duke Jean who recently died at the age of 98. (P54a) The back features a dam on the River Moselle.

Royal Bank Scotland £1 1996 W Wmk P351c Unc

Royal Bank of Scotland £1 1997 P351 Green on white Design as previous except George Mathewson as Chief Executive. Unc

Togo (as West Afric States) 500 Francs P810T Unc

Togo (as W Afr States) 500 francs 2002 P810T Green, brown and yellow Man at r and view of dam /Man on spraying machine T Country Code Unc

Turkey 1 Million Lirasi P213 Unc

Turkey 1 million lira (2202) P213 Pink and blue Facing portrait Ataturk/ Dam and barrage Unc

Turkmenistan 50 manat 2005 P17 Unc

Turkmenistan 50 manat 2005 P17 Mauve Late President Niyazov at centre/Golden horse Unc

Uganda 1000 Shillings P49 Unc

Uganda 1000 shillings 2014-5 P49 Orange and brown Ancient stone/ Map with antelope Unc

Uganda 50 Shillings 1985 P20 Milton Obote Unc

Uganda 50 shilingi (1985) P20 Brown Milton Obote at l/ Dam complex Unc

Ukraine 10 Hryven 2006 P119

Ukraine 10 hryven 2006 P119 Pink and brown Man at r in armour/ Church with spires Unc

Ukraine, Uncut Sheet 1 Hryven 2014 Unc

Uncut sheets of four Ukraine 1 hyrven notes issued in 2014. These would look great framed and are very reasonably priced.

United Arab Emirates 5 Dirhams P26 Unc

United Arab Emirates 5 dirhams 2009 P26c Brown, pink and yellow. Market building/Minaret and view of shoreline. Unc

United States of America, 1 Dollar 2013 P537 Unc

USA 1 dollar 2013 P-New Washington/ Design Unc

United States of America, USA Private Issue, Million Dollar Note. UNC

A private issue with an illustration of the Statue of Liberty on the front.

Uruguay 50 Pesos 2017 Commem Polymer P100 Unc

Uruguay 50 pesos 2017 P100 Printed on polymer To mark 50th Anniv of Bank. Blue Sunrise T R/ Painting of Port Construction Unc

Uzbekistan 10,000 Som 2017 P84 Unc

Uzbekistan 10,000 som 2017 P-New Blue Arms / Façade of building with flag Unc

Uzbekistan 200 Som 1997 P80 Unc

Uzbekistan 200 som 1997 P80 Green and blue on white Arms/ mythical beast with one eye Unc

Vanuatu 200 Vatu P14 Plastic

Vanuatu 200 vatu P14 printed on polymer plastic I Pink Melanesian man standing/Seated family group Unc